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BRUBECK® COMFORT COTTON Boxer Shorts for Women

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BRUBECK® COMFORT COTTON BOXER SHORTS are made of the highest-quality next to skin underwear for everyday comfort. Due to the special properties of double layer knitwear and the finest quality of cotton, it is pleasantly soft and does not trigger allergy or irritation. The inside face is made of man-made microfibres that maximise moisture management and provide odour control function. The outer face is 100% long-fibre cotton that is very soft and durable.

BRUBECK Air Jet technology was created especially for COMFORT COTTON range to give and an extra durability and colour fastness as well as prevents from losing shape after washing.
This fine, seamless knitwear, with flat seams and non-binding cuffs make it perfect, comfortable and warm for everyday activity all year round. 4-way elasticity maintains product’s original shape even after numerous washings. 

BRUBECK COMFORT COTTON base layer collection is best next to skin layer for everyday activities and leisure time all year round. It’s the superior thermal comfort “made by nature”. These highly innovative products were fully made in EU at the highest quality standards.

Composition: 80% Cotton, 16% Polyamide, 4% Elastane

Main features:
State of the art technology:
double-face construction that seamlessly knits functional man-made microfibres with finest quality cotton. Such layer separation ensures fast moisture draw, increases thermal comfort by maintaining natural body temperature.

Best quality material: very fine and soft in touch cotton knitted with functional man-made yarn. Added BRUBECK Air Jet gives additional material durability and perfect body fit.

Thorough perfection: flat seam, soft ribs, perfect body fit due to seamless knitting and RIB zones on hips. 4-way elasticity seamless knit prevents from wrinkling and loosing shape.

Material functionality: very effective moisture management knitwear to keep natural body temperature; antiallergic, non-irritating material, bacteriostatic for odour control function.

Best for: leisure or daily underwear to give extra thermal comfort and softness next to skin.

Second skin effect fits all shapes.
Fitted, structured cut.
Quick dry.
Non iron.

  • wash up to 40°C 
  • do not use washing powders                   
  • do not use silicon softners
  • do not bleach
  • do not tumble dry
  • do not iron
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