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BRUBECK COMFORT WOOL seamless merino wool briefs are made from excellent quality of pure merino wool layer for everyday comfort. Second skin effect fits all shapes. Added polyamide yarn quickly draws moisture away and protects skin from abrasions. 
It is pleasantly soft and does not trigger allergy or irritation Comfort cut.


  • Second skin effect fits all shapes
  • Fitted, structured cut. 
  • Anti-allergic. 
  • Quick dry.
  • Non iron. 

Composition: 57% polyamide, 41% wool, 2% elastin

The merino wool used in BRUBECK COMFORT WOOL collection is exceptionally fine – four times thinner than human hair which gives outstanding thermal properties. 
This fine, seamless knitwear, with flat felled seams and non-binding cuffs make it perfect, comfortable and warm for everyday activity all year round. 4-way elasticity maintains product’s original shape even after numerous washings.

The knitwear is a blend of natural fibre – Australian merino wool and polyamide fibre for maximal moisture management by drawing the sweat away from the skin. Our unique, double - layered, seamless structure ensures great thermoregulation and the maximal comfort of use and protects your skin from abrasion, overheating and cooling down the body.

All Brubeck Wool products have been dermatologically tested and are proven antiallergic and anti-irritation. Merino wool has also further healthy features as fibre micro massage to stimulate blood circulation as well as neutralises positive ions which beneficial for nervous system.

Main features:
State of the art technology: 
double-face construction that seamlessly knits functional man-made microfibres on the inside of the fabric with merino wool on the outer side. Such layer separation ensures fast moisture draw, increases thermal comfort by maintaining natural body temperature.

Best quality material: 100% soft merino wool form Australian sheep; yarn dimension is 16.5 mu, which is over 4 times less than human hair. Top quality merino wool has numerous health advantages as micro-massage, facilitating nervous system and blood flow stimulation.

Thorough perfection: flat seam, soft ribs, perfect body fit due to seamless knitting. 4-way elasticity of wool yarn prevents from wrinkling and loosing shape.  

Material functionality: absorbs moisture up to 35% of its own mass, maintains natural body temperature, anti-allergic, anti-irritation, bacteriostatic. 

Layering system: next to skin layer as comfort and soft in touch; no skin irritation, thermo-active underwear for everyday use all year round.

These highly innovative products were fully made in EU with care of every quality detail. 

  • wash up to 40°C 
  • do not use washing powders                   
  • do not use silicon softners
  • do not bleach
  • do not tumble dry
  • do not iron
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