All Brubeck products are designed and made in the FILATI factory which belongs to one owner – Mirosław Kubiak. His expertise and significant input in creating functional yarns for seamless technology is shared with our world-famous Private Label customers as well as our own brand, Brubeck. This allows us to provide uncommon solutions for professionals at affordable prices.
In our pursuit for innovation, we strive to use the newest know-how and yarns available only for the finest seamless technology.
For Brubeck, seamless means much more than just minimal number of seams. It is in the top range of SANTONI machines that provide us with unlimited fabric construction possibilities in 3D knitting, where we can obtain true double-layer material with open holes, massage ribbing, ventilation mesh and much more, all without a seam.

BRUBECK FUNCTIONAL WEAR – designed to last

SYNTHETIC STRENGTH – all synthetic materials used by Brubeck are selected specially to ensure maximum function as well as durability to our products.

Multifilament polypropylene and polyester yarn is used on the inside face of the knitwear to draw all moisture away from the body. Its hydrophobic function doesn’t allow any absorption from the outside which keeps your skin dry and fresh.

Modified polyamide fibres used on the outer face absorb moisture and keep it inside the hollow yarn to ensure thermal insulation either from the heat or chill weather conditions.

NATURAL PROTECTION – both Merino wool and Cotton yarns are the natural choice when comfort comes first.

Ultra-fine Merino Wool fibre can absorb moisture up to 30% of its own mass without feeling damp. It is the only fibre that heats the body up even if the material is wet.

Natural Cotton microfibre not only gives very soft touch but has great moisture absorption parameters.


All BRUBECK garments are produced within the EU in our own factory, FILATI – the entire process, from spinning the yarn and dying to knitting and finishing, is controlled in-house. We can guarantee our quality to the highest innovative technology standards: c_change™ and Aqua Pro 10k membrane, Nilit Breeze for cooling effect, Poliamid BeCool, Silver BTP antibacterial function , BTP colour and yarn protection, SEAMLESS, Supplex, Prolen Siltex, Poliamid Stretch, Polard fleece, Full Dull with DWR, SILVER liners, Goose feather (Power filing 750).
The raw materials (yarn) that we use for Brubeck basleayers are tubular fibres. Such structure gives the thermo active function of the material. It is thanks to the tiny micro canals in the fibres that body moisture is transported away from your skin by capillary forces and is then fully absorbed by the next material layer in order to keep the body dry and the body temperature regulated.

Our unique 3D Seamless technology gives the flexibility to create unlimited textile constructions: by modifying the inside and outside layers we can change the function and properties of the garment. This provides comfort to allow every part of the body to maximise performance.

As a world leader in innovative sport and workwear functional clothing, we focus on giving more to the user, exceeding expectations and demonstrating that technological advances are just as relevant to sports clothing as they are to the electronics industry.



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