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BRUBECK PROTECT is a high-tech, functional Thermo-active baselayer. It is used to maintain a comfortable body micro-climate for workers in hard and intensive conditions. In periods of high physical activity it keeps the user from over-heating, and in times of rest, the body’s temperature is maintained at its natural level. Body moisture is quickly removed from the skin, adding further to the feeling of freshness and comfort.The intricacy and control of 3D knitting means we can produce 2 distinct layers – each with their own function – all within a very light and delicate fabric.
No other technology can do this. Our PPE base layers are light, comfortable and actually provide the wearer with functions specific to their activity and environment.

Our unique new range of fire retardant base layers is testament to our invertment in new technology. Never before has such a light and functional base layer had fire retardant properites. Focused on PPE and motorsports, this new line has exceeded the CE regulations for safety wear and extreme sports.
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