Data administrator
The data controller, which is the entity fully responsible for using and storing any personal information, you privide to us, is Performance Wear Limited, registered at 77 Alston Drive, Bradwell Abbey Industrial Estate, Milton Keynes, MK13 9HG, UK.
Data protection coordinator
The Data Protection Officer is a person you can contact about questions or concerns regarding the processing of your data by Performance Wear Limited. You have a right to find out what information we hold about you ans make changes if required to do so. You also have the right (assuming we are not obliged by law to refuse) to ask Performance Wear Limited to seize from using your information. If you'd like to have your information rectified or removed, then please contact us by:
1) e-mail:
2) post: Performance Wear Limited, 77 Alston Drive, Bradwell Abbey Industrial Estate, Milton Keynes, MK13 9HG, UK.
Objectives and basics of personal data processing
The type of information we collect from you are:
- your name, thelephone number, email address, shipping/billing address, IP address.
You provide us with your data completely voluntarily, however if you do not, you will not be able to set up an account on online website and use its functionality. All data, provided to us by you that we store and/or use, is in accordance to the updated UK Data protection law and EU General Data Protection Regulation 2018. Any personal data, such as name, address, email address, telephone number are only used in order to:
> fulfil your purchase order(s) and delivery,
> present materials our website,
> receive the newsletters and emails from, if you have agreed to this separately.
We put the right organisational and technical measures in place to protect your personal information so only if you agree we may use the above data for marketing reasons. At the same time we are fair and transparent with what we do and how we use and store your personal information.

By internally processing your data we fulfil the online store functions such as:
1) monitoring website use to keep it always in compliance with most up-to-date regulations,
2) conducting statistical analyzes,
3) contact with online store users relevant to its functionality.
We retain all data exclusively within UK, may only (if required to do so) be transferred to "third countries' where 'adequacy of protection' is established or countries that GDPR permits us to do so.

We give you full access to view how your data is used, to modify your data or delete it from our website services. Any information given shall not be disclosed to anybody outside Performance Wear Limited and the same applies to companies with which Performance Wear has arranged services that are beneficial to you. We will not store, process or transfer your data outside the parties detailed above unless we have an appropriate lawful reason to do so. Unless we are precluded from doing so by law, you have the right to object to our processing of your data at any time either via the unsubscribe link included on all emails we send, or by contacting us and requesting that processing of your details be restricted or deleted.
Unless otherwise required by law, your personal data will be securely stored for a period of up to 7 years after our last identifiable contact with you, at which stage we will delete it.

Automated processing, including profiling
Your personal data will be processed in an automated way (including in the form of profiling), however, it will not cause any legal effects to you or substantially affect your situation.
Personal data profiling by Performance Wear Limited involves the processing of your data (also in an automated way), by using them to assess certain information, in particular to analyze or forecast personal preferences and interests.


Performance wear Ltd shall take precautions which include administrative, technical and physical measures to protect your personal data against misuse, theft, loss and against unauthorised access. We shall also take appropriate measures to mitigate unnecessary disclosure, alteration and destruction.
Performance wear Ltd uses industry-standard efforts to safeguard the confidentiality of your personal data, including encryption where necessary, firewalls and websites with SSL certifications.

If you have any concerns about how we handle your personal data or would like to make a complaint, then you may complain to the Information Commissioners Office or contact them by dialling 0303 123 1113.

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